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Challenge Col!

Colin C
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08 May 2014

Hi everyone, my name is Colin and I’m the new Chairman of the Wickes charity committee.

I’ve been involved in the partnership right from the beginning and have really enjoyed all the different things I have been involved in – as you can see below these are some of the challenges I have taken on over the last few years:

  1. 2005 London Marathon - I am not a runner but always wanted to say I had done a marathon (4 hours and 48 minutes and one of my proudest achievements!)
  2. 2006 Adelphi abseil - I abseiled down the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool with my dad!
  3. 2007 New York Marathon - A much tougher marathon than London due to the hills and bridges (5 hours and 15 minutes and discovered I had run it with a hairline fracture on my shin!)
  4. 2008 Middlesbrough Bungee - A fantastic Bungee jump over water from the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge
  5. 2009 92 clubs in 92 hours - 3 of us drove to every Football league stadium (92 of them) in 92 hours (we actually managed it in 79 hours) we covered nearly 3000 miles and drove day and night for the whole event (1 driving, 1 navigating and 1 trying to catch a few winks in the back of the van!)
  6. 2010 3 Lakes Challenge - I took a team of colleagues and we canoed the length of the longest lake in England, Scotland and Wales (Loch Lomond 24miles, Lake Windermere 14miles and Bala Lake 6miles) we did all of this in 24 hours!
  7. 2011 Thames Challenge - With a different team, we travelled the entire length of the River Thames (215 miles) by a combination of canoeing, running and cycling over 3 days
  8. 2012 Down 2 Earth - I led a team which, in total, included over 50 colleagues. Some of them did the Highest Bungee jump in the UK (300 ft), some did a Sky Dive from 14000 ft and some abseiled from the roof of the Manchester Cycling Velodrome (and some of us did all 3!!!)
  9. 2012 Ride with Brad - I took part in a charity Bike ride with Sir Bradley Wiggins and completed a 160km route over some pretty hilly terrain
  10. Big 10 cycle challenge - I completed the longest stretch of the Wickes cycle challenge in Scotland which included a 130 mile day!
  11. 2013 Cross Channel Challenge - I led a team of 8 colleagues across the English Channel from Dover to France in kayaks. Once we arrived, we spent the next 2 days cycling 200 miles and then ran 15 miles, finishing under the Arc De Triomphe

My latest exploit was the World’s highest bungee jump in April this year.  My wife and I did the Bungee jump a mere 900 ft, my eldest daughter and I climbed the world’s highest urban free climb to the top of the Macau tower, 1120 ft and my wife, 2 daughters and I did the Macau skywalk, which involved swinging out over the edge of the building at 900 ft up. You can watch the video below but don't forget to hold onto your stomachs!

You might all be wondering what my next challenge will be, how will I top all of these? That’s actually what I want to ask you – what shall I do next?

Visit my fundraising page to make your suggestion and a £2 donation to support the amazing work Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research are doing and leave your suggestion with your donation. I'll collate all the ideas and pick the best one to do in 2015!



What a phenomnal set of achievments! Watching the video of that bungee jump I have absolutely no idea how you did that. Hats off to you!!! I've made a donation and suggestion for your next challenge which is currently the only one so you'd better get practising racing around with that wheelbarrow!


Thanks Andy

I was hoping my running days were behind me, but we will have to see!
Maybe I could sit in the wheelbarrow while you push me round???


Ummmm... Not sure about that! Maybe one of your Wickes colleagues could push you round? Or better still, you could push ME round!!! Should've added that to the challenge. Good luck with it all - I'm sure the Wickes team will come up with something even better for you to do. 

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