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Challenge number 1

Paul C
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10 May 2014

Challenge 1 is tomorrow! The Oxford 10k run...

First challenge tomorrow and I am overwhelmed by the support and donations received so far. I'm as ready as I'm going to be and looking forward to running 10km around Oxford. There will be quite a few friends running tomorrow as well which is great to know.

The fundraising is going really well, 20% toward the target in the first week! Grateful to everybody who has donated but I must make special mention to and thank Chloe Boud, Charlie Milne and Eddie and Ben Carless who have all donated their pocket money this week completely voluntarily; I am very humbled! Thanks guys!

Will keep you posted as to how I get on tomorrow.

Thanks everyone.



Good luck today Paul!

I hope you smash your fundraising target and continue to go from strength to strength with your treatment - meeting you was the highlight of my Impact Day!

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