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Charity day at Simply First: #TeamKate's first fundraising event

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19 May 2014
My friend Helen Blanshard opened up her shop (Simply First, Derby Road, Stapleford) to hold an event outside on Saturday 17th. A few different charities were represented, but we were there representing Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. It was such a beautiful day; we had a guess-the-number-of-jelly-beans competition, won by a brother & sister team (little Archie & Florence), whose faces lit up when we delivered the prizes to their door later in the day. The main event was Spiderman revealing his identity as my friend Michael Walsh, in order to have his head shaved for charity... But, in a surprise for all of us, a second young man - Callum Heard - stepped forward to have HIS head shaved as well, and then a third young man - Jack Oxtoby - allowed us to wax his legs, all to raise as much as we could! You can see the shaving and waxing in this video about the event: It was such a wonderful day. In the end, including money just popped into the collection tins, we raised £111.14, pretty good going for our first ever activity!



Go Team Kate - that sounds like an amazing first event. Kudos to the men who stepped forward to rid themselves of hair!! I look forward to reading more of your activities as part of #TeamKate 


Stephanie, this is absolutely brilliant. Well done! Don't know how Michael coped in the costume for so long in the heat on Saturday but it must have been so nice to have had such great weather.

Thanks to Michael and the others for shaving their heads - I did the same actually only last Wednesday. Make sure they put sun cream on their heads to avoid them getting burnt!

Loving the blogs and all the fundraising - keep up the good work and all the best to Kate in her recovery.

Elissia A

This sounds like it was a lot of fun and enjoyed by all! I have to admit, I definitely would have been first in line to try and win the jelly beans! Go Team Kate! 

Matt Kaiser

Hi Stephanie and #TeamKate. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story - we couldn't do what we do without the dedication and determination of people like you. Best wishes to Kate!


Suzanne G

I just read your 3 posts - what a remarkable story of strength and bravery (and I'm not talking about the 3 who had their heads & legs de-haired)!!

Can't wait to read about more of your fundraising exploits!

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