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Charity single to beat blood cancer

Chris Todd
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02 Dec 2014

Back in 2008 I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML). As you can imagine this was a massive bomb shell and something that would turn my world upside down. I remember asking myself questions of how and why, I'm as fit as a fiddle training everyday as a professional football player, and how can this be happening to me. I have a partner and daughter to look after and she is only seven months old. It really can happen to anyone.

As soon as I got told I researched the internet and found stories of horror that left me shaking in my boots, when all I wanted to see and read in my own mind was positive stuff.

Before I knew it I was in the hospital focusing and discussing my future. I was soon asking the doctors’ questions like am I going to live and if so how long for. The next question was would I play football again, as this is the only thing I knew. These questions could not be answered. The only thing I could do was to have the tests and pray.

Within no time the doctor had set out a plan, from the results the doctor wanted me to try this drug called GLIVEC. Little did I know this would be the drug that saved my life. Within months my bloods started to recover and I started to feel better. Of course this experience was not all plain sailing, it was a roller coaster of sleepless nights and pains that were hard to handle.

It's funny but as an everyday human being you go through life doing what you have to do.  You really are in your own little bubble, oblivious to all the horrible illnesses that could take your life without you knowing. It's not until something like this happens to you or someone close to you that your whole outlook changes instantly. You start feeling and understand the pain everyone suffers with cancer. It's almost like you join the family and want to make a difference, to help others to defeat these every day battles.

I wanted to help and give something back, so my next step was to look into doing some charity work, maybe it was something I was meant to do. So that's what I did, I wrote a charity book called More Than Football in the Blood. I have held a football event and even got myself into a boxing ring - all this to raise money for something that is now so close to my heart, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. This charity has played a massive part in the research for a drug that keeps me alive today.

This is where my next charity adventure comes into play, a Christmas charity single called Save Me.

I'm going to release a charity single that my brother in law and I, Thomas Watson, have been working on for past two years. This is no ordinary charity single; it's about cancer and the battle to survive.

Save Me is about my personal battle fighting this horrendous illness in the early stages. It expresses my true thoughts and feelings and I hope will touch so many who are facing the everyday battles against leukaemia and other cancers. The song is written and performed from the heart to touch the heart by the special talent that is Tom Watson and we hope this single can produce magic and make a lot of money for this amazing charity.<

Save Me won't officially be available to download from the i-Tunes store until 12 December but is available to pre-order here

You can also watch the video here for a sneak preview:

We are going to donate 100 % of all proceeds from Save Me to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and I really hope to make a big difference from single sales. For more information please visit my SaveMeSingle Facebook page or follow me on twiiter.

Pre-order Save Me

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Just watched the You Tube video, Chris, and really liked the song - will definitely be downloading from i-Tunes as soon as it comes out! Thank you so much for everytihng you're doing to help us beat blood cancer. As a fellow CML patient it's fantastic to see someone like you doing so well and still playing football and fills me full of hope and inspiration about my future. Keep up the good work and let us know when the single is ready for pre-release!