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Charity walk Whitby to Scarborough

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13 Aug 2015

Why I am doing this

I have always done what I can for charities that are worthwhile, running race for life etc.
But it wasnt until a family member was suddenly diagnosed with leukaemia that I wanted to take further action. 
My aunty always seemed like such a strong woman so it really came as a surprise for the whole family. 
She battled through endless courses of chemotherapy always seeming to get a little bit better until the next course.
She was given the all clear but only briefly.
The leukaemia came back and they needed to take further action which is when she was given a bonemarrow transplant. 
She has had to leave work and can barely leave the house as the treatment leaves her immune system so low. 
I struggle to visit her as my children could pass any little thing on to her. 
Its hard to see and so I chose to do what I could in order to help the research on this disease and decided to organise my first charity event with the help of my mum and a small group of others that wanted to do the challenge along with us.
There are now 7 of us signed up and gearing up to carry out the walk a week on Saturday the 22nd August.

We will be walking the 23 miles of coastal cliff top track between Scarborough and Whitby. Having not done much training in advance it is going to be a very difficult challenge! I'm hoping somebody will be at the other end with plenty of tea and cake as a congratulations!!

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