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Checking out Le Tour

Daren W
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23 Mar 2014

The team headed out to check the roads ahead of the TdF

As dutiful citizens team members Lee, Keiran, James (back after his fall), Trevor and myself headed out for a trip around the Tour de France roads nearby on Saturday morning just to check the condition of the roads for our professional counterparts. This of course required a stop off at the Blue Egg for some breakfast at Knead Food which the pros will unfortunately miss.

Setting out from Gt Leighs at just before 8 we headed towards Felsted and up towards the Salings via the airfield sprint. to check out some Strava segments. With Lee and I having come this way before would we see an improvement on previous times and would there be any suprises. The wind was fairly strong and this could've caused an upset but luckily it was not into our faces and we gave it a good shot. Pedalling hard and working on our cadence we dug in and concentrated hard so that would could all get a good view of Trevor flying straight past us at high speed that would see him go 27th on strava on his first visit. However, having already ridden from Rayleigh to the meet we all agreed that this was due to his muscles being warmer than ours at this stage.

We arrived at the Blue Egg just as they were opening and treated ourselves to a hearty sausage sandwich that would have fed an entire TdF peloton. It really is a lovely stop off with good food and very bike friendly.

Refuelled we headed back towards the A120 into some headwinds and rounds some potholes. Back over the A120 and sprinting into Felsted the team were feeling, if not looking, good. The next stretch saw some sneaky play from Lee who, wishing to keep his lead over Keiran on the strava allowed the challenger to take a right in the middle of a segment, rather than carrying straight on, adding valuable seconds to his time. A triumphant Lee looked very happy on his new higher saddle.

Riding back towards Great Leighs we lost sight of James who had snapped his chain. He had heard some rattling earlier and convinced us all it was his keys in his pocket but turns out he was right all along, something WAS wrong. The rest of the team carried on home, collected the support car and went back to pick up the luckless warrior.

A nice ride on good roads with a great breakfast and thankfully, with the generous support of team sponsor Cycles UK the repairs to James' chain will be far more affordable than previously so we'll be back on the roads again this week. With over £400 raised already and the team signed up for the London Bikeathon 100 we're loving everyone's support and encouragement and together we WILL beat blood cancers!



Great blog. What was the verdict on the roads?


Well done on signing up for the London Bikeathon as well - I look forward to seeing you there. I'll be doing the 52 mile route though - 100 is too much for me currently with the state of my fitness!!!

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