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From Chemo to Comic Book

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10 Aug 2016

In Dec 2015 i was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. This was such a shock, i knew i had been unwell, but didnt think it would be this. I didnt have time for fertitily options and had to go straight into chemo. One of the lumps, was right underneath a blood clot that had formed in the main jugular vein on my neck. 

I had 12 chemo sessions and I am super happy to say that I am in remission. I have made some amazing friends on numerous support sites and enjoy being part of the club. These people are so incredible and inspirational. All pushing each other to fight.

I wanted to give something back, but i am not good with words. I love art and have always enjoyed comics. So during treatment, i decided to draw a comic. This was based on my own experiences and also the internal superhero pushing me along.

I shared this on the support pages and others explain how it helped them also. So i would love to share and hope that this is also helpful to you all. 

It's primarly on Facebook at the moment, but a website is in production ( Some of my earlier pages done during treatment are understandably a bit messy. So I am going back and redoing them with the intention to print them eventually and distribute to support groups etc. Hopefully this should also raise some money for charities at MCM Comic Con next year. 

I became rather weak toward the end of treatment but have improved since May this year and have now really picked it up again to complete.  

Thank you so much for listening to my story and I hope you like the comic!

I adore receiving fan art, every piece recieved is framed and on my living room wall. 

Please share it to help raise awareness. 


Lizzie Goates

This is wonderful! A really clever and artistic way of showing people just what you have been through and how you are feeling. I really enjoyed reading through the comic on your Facebook page and I know it will encourage many others to share their experiences and talk about blood cancer. I love how sassy Perry Winkle is as well! A great character and I cannot wait to see the finished comic book!! I am glad to read you have improved and finished chemo, do keep us updated with how you’re getting on as it would be lovely to hear from you, take care Lizzie


Hi Susie, I remember you wrote about Perry Winkle last September, so it's absolutely amazing to see the comic. It looks so good - I love it. I hope it all goes well - it's brilliant!

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