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Cherish Memory Bears for lost loved ones

Louise Dawson
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10 Mar 2015

After the sad passing of her daughter’s fiancé to blood cancer, Pat Jones wanted to bring some comfort to Karen and her young grandchildren. For those who have lost a loved one, it is often very difficult to part with their clothes and for Karen and her family it was no different. Knowing how much her daughter’s fiancé, Steve, loved to wear hoodies, Pat decided to create a lasting memory for Karen’s family and something which would bring them comfort in the months and years to come. Using the material of Steve’s hoodies, Pat designed and made teddy bears for each of her family.

From these first three bears (above), the project Cherish Memory Bear’s quickly evolved and Pat soon began taking requests for bears from others who had lost ones they love. From work shirts, to football shirts, Pat makes bears from any suitable fabric and has recently started to make a variety of soft toys to mark other special occasions, such as weddings and births. Each bear is carefully hand made to order using a simple bear pattern and each one created holds special and cherished memories for the owner.

In the hope the Cherish Memory Bear project can contribute to finding a cure for blood cancer, an average donation of £20 is made to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research for every bear made. In Pat’s own words, ‘If we can prevent even one person suffering like Steve did, then it will be more than worthwhile’.

To see more of Pat’s work and to read about the project, please head to the Cherish Memory Bear facebook page http://on.fb.me/188o6ki. If you would like to get in touch with Pat to request your own bear, please contact her at patjoneshomecouk@msn.com.



What a fantastic tribute and positive thing to do. Thanks so much for sharing this Louise. Takes the concept of the Care Bear to a whole new level!


What a lovely idea and such lovely bears, i'm sure the idea has brought comfort to so many people.  Fantastic fundraising idea! Good luck Pat.


Thanks for your comments let's hope we raise loads of money as well as giving comfort to others. Together we will beat blood cancer


Pat and Terry of the Cherish Memory Bear project recently received lovely feedback from a couple who sadly lost their young daughter, Madison, to leukaemia:

"Thank you Pat for turning Madison's clothing into something that I can treasure forever. Seeing the bears for the first time was amazing, it was very emotional but they make me smile each time I look at them and I know Madison would have liked them a lot. I hope you realise how much of a good thing you are doing to help people who have lost the ones they love and that you can provide comfort to others like me and my husband. All the best Emily and Tom"

The project does fantastic work and please get in touch with Pat and Terry at info@cherishmemorybears.co.uk or head to the facebook page listed above for more information.