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Chiquito makes drinking a pint even more refreshing as they raise over £5000

Rachel N
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31 Mar 2015

Chiquito raises over £5000 by donating the 1p cut from every pint of beer to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.


To round off a very successful partnership with The Restaurant Group in 2014, we were pleased to take a trip to the Chester branch of Tex-Mex restaurant chain Chiquito, who presented us with a cheque for more than £5000.

In last year’s budget, Chancellor George Osborne announced a cut of 1p per pint on beer duty. Rather than changing all their menus, Chiquito decided to pass this saving on to us, donating 1p from each pint sold in all 80 restaurants across the UK between March and December 2014. 

Jacqueline Fletcher, from Chiquito head office, presented a cheque for £5223 to Peter and Glenys Hobson from our Chester branch. Jason Green, Managing Director of Chiquito, said: “Chiquito are really pleased to help support a great cause Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, we know this money will all help to aid the charity and be put to good use.”

So if you ordered a pint at Chiquto last year, thanks for helping us to beat blood cancer!




Absolutely fantastic effort from all concerned. If it wasn't for the fundraising efforts of people like The Restaurant Group I wouldn't still be here today. Thank you so much!