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Clinical trials in myeloma

Matilda S
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05 Jun 2013

Clinical trials are the vital step needed to move breakthroughs in the lab into new treatments for patients.

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research invest in clinical trials across all blood cancers, ensuring that research into new treatments and improvements in diagnosis, benefit patients. All clinical trials are set up to answer a very specific question that informs, not only the ttype of drugs that are adminstrred, but in what doses and at what times these drugs might yield the most benefit to patients.


We are supporting the PADIMAC clinical trial, testing a new drug combination in patients newly diagnosed with myeloma.

The introduction of new drugs such as bortezomib has had a positive impact on the number of patients whose disease responds positively during the initial phase of treatment.

This clinical trial will test a treatment combination using bortezomib along with two other drugs, called Adriamycin and dexamethasone (acronym PAD) in patients with myeloma who have received no other treatment. These patients will then be treated with an autologous stem cell transplant, using stem cells harvested from their own bone marrow.

The aim of this study is to determine the optimal gap between completing treatment with PAD and entering remission and receiving a stem cell transplant.

This national phase II clinical trial is being run Dr Kwee Yong at the Cancer Institute, University College London.

For more information on this clinical trial, visit the UK Clinical Research Network