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CLL? whats that? Lets Google it? Well its not the menopause!

Maria G63
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19 Apr 2016

Ok so after 18 months of pure hell watching my 28 year old son go through treatment for Malignant Melanoma and breathing a sigh of relief when he finished his radiotherapy, I was expecting to be told my fatigue, insomnia and night sweats etc were due to the recent stress or maybe the Menopause........April 2014~ Welcome to CLL .

So I phone to ask why I have an appointment with a Haemotology Consultant  and the kind secretary informs me that my CLL is at the early stage and its usual to wait 3 months. CLL?? Im baffled now? Im not blaming her, obviously a delay in my GP recieving this news so I was totally unaware. No hope of getting an appointment with my GP for at least 3 weeks,Never mind theres always good old google. Id never heard of CLL till then and so reading some of the articles, especially the ones on American sites was not the best idea, to say I was frightened was an understatement.  Right time to get a grip.... I work in a hospital and one thing I tell patients is never to google your condition but ask the experts so I will take my own advice and do that tomorrow at work. No point mentioning this to my family just yet because I have no idea what it is so what could I tell them.



Bear with me I will share the rest of the journey shortly....

Lizzie Goates

Hi Maria, 

What a way for you to be told you had CLL, I cannot even begin to imagine the shock and fear you felt at being told this and then googling it. I am so sorry to read also that your son was diagnosed with Melanoma. How is he? and how are you? I look forward to reading about the rest of your journey and the experiences you faced. Take care Lizzie 


Hi Lizzie, thank you for you kind comments. My son is thankfully doing ok~ a slight scare with a nasty infection a few months ago but otherwise hes all good and very positive. Myself well Ive had a rough ride this treatment, seems to get a bit worse each time. Ive just updated my blog with where Im up to now. I hope it helps others who may need to take the journey


I was told, erroneously, back in 2010 by my familly phycian at the time, "do you know what you have?" "No", I said, "I don't".  "You have CLL!"    It turned out to be MBL for six years until my lymphocyte levels started to double this year. 


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