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Coach Joe Beer

Andrew L
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13 May 2014

Some tips from one of the top coaches in the country!

Hi all.
On this blog I've asked Coach Joe Beer to say a few words to those of you competing in your first triathlon at Blenheim.
I've been to a few of Joe's training camps in Lanzarote. Joe is possibly one of the most experience triathlon coaches in the country. His athletes include Scott Neyedli winner of 2013 Ironman Wales and Vicky Gill winner of the prestigious Outlaw Triathlon 2013. He is a regular contributor in the 220 triathlon magazine and has won national coaching honours.
Joe has been doing podcasts for years and has included an answer to a question from me asking for advice for newbie triathletes. The answer he gives is possibly the best piece of advice you could take. Really is worth a listen! It is his May podcast number 128 and appears at about 11 mins in: > learning > podcasts



Thanks so much for all your tips Andy. I'm not even doing a triathlon but it's got me thinking that I might give one a go - any tips for a complete beginner who seriously struggles when it comes to swimming?


Hi Andy. Thanks for that - appreciated. About 15 years ago I taught myself from a book, but my advice to you would be get some lessons at your local pool. You'd be surprised how only a few would have you swimming so much better!

Andy L

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