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Coffee Run

Gareth H
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02 Jul 2014

Ride to Maidenhead for a free coffee

Route: Surbiton To Maidenhead
Distance: 55.53 miles
Time: 3:21
Avg Speed: 16.6 mph
Max Speed: 26.8 mph
Weather: Sunny
Notable Hills: None
Bike: Ribble
Ride Drinks: Water, coffee
Stops: None
Pre Ride Food: Crumpets, banane
Post Ride Food: Scrambled Eggs
“Recovery” Drink: Shandy

Missed the chance to ride at the weekend as my pregnant girlfriend wanted to see some boybands at Wembley. But following the birth of my daughter Ruby on Wednesday 25th June, I was on paternity leave so I put the time to good use, riding. After dropping my other kids off at school I fancied a free coffee from Waitrose so I loaded up the bike with my My Waitrose card and set off. I headed out to Windsor and crossed in Eton by the footbridge, turning left by the school towards Maidenhead. Once I was passed Eton Wick I crossed Dorney meadows which was a surprisingly picturesque bit of field. I got to Maidenhead, had my coffee and rode home, though on the way back my legs did start to feel the miles, it might be time to start drinking the old energy drinks despite how minging they taste. But overall I was please to be pushing past the 50 mile mark, next time I just need to add some hills to the ride.



Thanks for the update Gareth and more importantly, congratulations on becoming a father! Good to see your putting the time to good use by getting some training under your belt ;)

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