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Collaborative patient information

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26 Feb 2016

MDS booklet



Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are a group of diseases where production of blood cells by the bone marrow is faulty. Sometimes MDS has no symptoms and sometimes it doesn’t need treating, but if left unmanaged it can sometimes develop into more serious conditions like acute myeloid leukaemia. MDS can be a difficult condition to understand, which is why it’s crucial that people diagnosed with MDS get the best information and support available.

We combined  the expertise of Leukaemia Care and MDS UK with our own knowledge and the wisdom of MDS patients and leading specialists. We worked together to create clear, clinically accurate information that helps MDS patients and their families come to terms with a diagnosis and understand what to expect moving forward.

These booklets are a vital part of coming to terms with a diagnosis; they really help take patients through the journey they’ll go through with family, friends and their clinical team.

Professor Paresh Vyas, Prof of Haematology, Oxford University and member of our Medical Advisory Panel


We’re delighted to have worked with Bloodwise and MDS UK on producing the booklet in this way. It's an exciting development for MDS patients and their families and we hope they find it to be a valuable resource.
Kayla Maryon, Communications Manager at Leukaemia CARE


It’s extremely important in these current times to maximise resources and use each others’ talents and strengths by co-operating whenever possible for the benefit of all the patients we all serve and assist.
Sophie Wintrich, Chief Executive at MDS UK


£2 a month over a year could pay for 100 of our patient information booklets to be sent to a hospital, where they could be given to patients by their healthcare team as soon as they’re diagnosed – so they have support from day one.
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