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Commute Day 1

Scott W
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20 Apr 2015

Things I love/things I don't

Having now raised £60 (thanks you generous lot, you're the best!!), I have now helped Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research to print 50 booklets which could give vital information to those diagnosed with leukaemia or lymphoma. A pamphlet may not seem like much but it can provide answers to questions some may not have even known they wanted to ask. 

Keep up the good work!

In other news...

Today I love:

- Baby Wipes

- Owning a base layer

Today I don't love:

- Carrying my bike up stairs

- Hill climbs

- (disobeying gravity in general!)

The context was different, but like Chris Martin sang...nobody said it was easy. But then he has just gotten divorced so maybe it's not that good of an analogy!