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20 Jul 2015

non-hodgkins Lymphoma sufferers to share stories, experiences-a virtual park bench to chat with others

So over 4 months on from diagnosis I get the courage to come on here & start to emerge myself as an open book for others to read & yet here I am trying to persuade others to do the same! Maybe their just not ready yet, maybe their lost for words, maybe this is just simply not reaching my target audience-it's just not getting out there!

Regardless, like most things you want in life (well that can be controlled) you have to ensure you do not give up! So I'll keep writing, keep blogging in the hope more cancer sufferers stumble across my pages & think of me when they/someone they know wants someone to talk to & says "hey, you know what, I know of another fighter who has a blog you should go on..." If anyone has tips on how to get out there on the web please throw them this way as I'm not shy in saying I am such a novice in this!



Hi Rachael,

Don't ever stop sharing your experiences! As you say your audience is out there and we will do everything we can to help you get in touch with others that are going through treatment and can relate to where you're at.

I imagine that you've already had a look through our patient experiences section where there are a number of other NHL patients that have shared their experiences including Ann Bromley who's lovely and I'm sure would be more than happy to talk to you. Here's a link to her profile page: https://leukaemialymphomaresearch.org.uk/people/annbromley do feel free to leave a comment on one of her blogs as a starting point.

There are also a number of groups on Facebook that might be worth you getting in touch with. Here's a link to one that looks fairly active and popular: https://www.facebook.com/groups/61093336773/?fref=ts

In the meantime keep blogging as it's invaluable to others who are currently going through treatment.




Yet again thank you Andy for responding. I knew it was going to be difficult targeting audiences let alone urging them for a response. I don't use facebook but I am on twitter. Thanks for the other link will certainly go on to Ann's profile.

My aim is to deffo make a difference and I am hoping that in being open to discussion and sharing my personal experience, I can help others-guess it takes time though. I am just an inpatient woman!

Rachael xx


Hi Rachel,
I wanted to let you know that I read your post and felt reassured I am not alone with a new (June 15) diagnosis Of NHL. I'm not sure I'm ready to post stuff yet but I wanted you to know that you being there was helpful for me on this early morning when I am preoccupied and can't sleep - thanks for being out there. Louize

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