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Joe's Dad
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18 Nov 2014

Follow our progress as my 4 year old son, Joe, undergoes treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. More frequent updates on

We are now a week into consolidation (on Regimen C of the UKALL-2011 protocol), and the challenges of coping with steroids, waiting for the end-of-induction assessment (the MRD test), and having a Hickman line put in are all starting to fade. Despite being on a new cocktail of drugs, Joe is starting to recover some of the energy that he had before being diagnosed and, for the moment at least, is looking and behaving a lot more like a typical 4 year old boy. Yesterday, he even managed a whole afternoon in school, for the first time in six weeks. He came out beaming, proudly clutching a few sheets of coloured-in paper. ‘It wasn’t the same in salsa’ he said ‘we weren’t pretending to be animals like we used to’. He didn’t quite have the energy to walk home, but had plenty of bounce left once we were back home.

Later, he told us how crowded it had been at circle time ‘everyone wanted to hold my hand’. Little steps, but what a wonderful moment.



Thanks so much for the update on Joe. 

Great to hear that despite the new drug regime, Joe has got some of his old energy back and is beginning to do the normal things that all 4 year olds enjoy like going to school and being around other kids.

It sounds like the school have responded wonderfully to everything that Joe's going through and you must be so happy that he's making such progress. As you say, it's little steps but it's a step in the right direction and here's hoping that it's only the start on his way to recovery. Keep us updated and thanks for all your support. Together we will beat blood cancer.