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Hannah Little

Corporate Partnerships at Bloodwise

Hannah Little
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Hannah Little
31 Jul 2015

The Corporate Partnerships team need your help!

It’s changed our lives, we did things for a great cause, we got fitter, we cried, we laughed, we involved our families in the events, it helped build teams across the country. It’s such a relevant and fantastic charity. It was an honour to support it for so long.

Tim Wordley, Store Manager, Wickes Chichester

Hi everyone!

My name’s Hannah, I work in the Corporate Partnerships team and I wanted to talk to you about some of the work we do fundraising from companies.

We have some fantastic partners at Bloodwise; right now we’re getting support from NHS Blood and Transplant, Barratt David Wilson Homes, and from a number of banks through our Light the Night dragon boat race. It’s my job to look after those companies, and to make sure we’re making the most of the opportunities.

Barratt David Wilson Homes at their Bloodwise Golf Day


What does it mean when we say a company supports Bloodwise?

Well, the most obvious is with cash. The more cash we raise, the more we can invest in life-saving research and support services. For example, the staff at Barratt David Wilson Homes have recently raised over £40,000 for us. That’s enough to pay for a research nurse at a TAP centre for a year, which they raised through some really exciting events like a Golf Day, quiz nights, and sports challenges – two of their staff ran the London Marathon for us!

But support doesn’t just have to mean money. We’re also working with other companies in different ways. Sharpe Pritchard are a law firm local to our London office, and they’re providing pro-bono legal work to make sure all of our contracts are up to scratch which saves us both time and money.

The Salesforce team at our annual Dragon Boat Race

There’s a saying in fundraising, “don’t ask, don’t get,” and I simply wouldn’t be doing my job if I got to the end of this blog without asking for something from you.

The best way for us to meet new companies and convince them to support us is through you. Companies always prefer to hear about good causes from their staff members,

You’d be surprised how far an introduction can go!

Recently a Bloodwise Ambassador recommended us to a PR firm, and from that link we are now the benefitting charity of a national food awards ceremony which should raise nearly £15,000.

So that’s my ask of you. Introduce me to people!

We’d love for you to have a think of any connections you might have to business that might be interested in working with Bloodwise in whatever capacity. If you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to email me at hlittle@bloodwise.org.uk.

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