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Count to three and relax?

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24 Feb 2017

Approaching three years watching and waiting

It must be that time of year again when I've decided I best write another blog post.

I've recently had my 6 monthly check up and my consultant told me how pleased he was with how the CLL was progressing. Its apparently not changed much since my original diagnosis 3 years ago. It was good to hear and as I've been feeling more well adjusted with things it was time to relax again for another 6 months. I've been back running again after a slack period and even started going to the climbing wall again. I always used to enjoy going and have spent many hours watching films of other people climbing at the Kendal Mountain Festival, so I thought it was time I pulled my finger out. After only a couple of visits I noticed an improvement so I left wondering why I didn't do it before!! lol

Unfortunately, I woke up the Monday after my check up after my my check up feeling rubbish and got worse through out through the day. Struggled into work on the Tuesday and only made it to the lunch time, and having to take the following two days of work. In the end it took me about 10 days to get rid of it (probably sinusitis) and I'm still tired now almost three weeks later.

Up until a couple of years ago, I never had to take time of work (I hadn't had a day off in five years)But this is the second year in a row I've been floored by an illness. The logical part of my brain knows I've just been unlucky and caught a bad cold. On the Sunday I was before I was ill, I'd been to a soft play area with my friend and her daughter so no doubt I'll have picked up some sort of horrible child disease!! lol But to be honest, its getting me down that its taking me so long to recover and my mind wanders to thinking about whether it has something to do with my CLL. One of the nurses happen to ring me about a different matter and I mentioned this to her. My latest bloods didn't record my immunoglobulins, so I'm having another test to check them. So I'll find out if there is anything to be concerned with or if its my mind is just playing tricks. My guess is the latter, my mind can't me trusted!! lol The most annoying thing is I've missed out of the running and climbing after I'd started to enjoy it.

Its all left me feeling tired both phyically and mentally. I'm also feeling strangely emotional so its been a low few weeks.

But onwards and upward. I sure it'll all come out in the wash. And I'm planning on making my next blog more positive and write about my trip to London with my BFF to see a special performance of The Girls musical :o)



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