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On the countdown again...

Michaela D
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18 Jun 2014


wow... I never expected to get such a huge response from my blog share on facebook. I have been completely overwhelmed by all the messages of support people have sent to me. It has been a huge eye opener to see how many people survive the disease. But, it has also been very sad to hear from those that have lost a loved one. To see so many people affected by blood cancer just drives me forward to raise even more awareness.

I am getting a bit irritable as my next hospital appointment is in a few weeks. It will be my 15 month check. I don't mean to but I become really irritable and my fuse gets shorter. I am hoping that I can keep my mind busy, focused and most importantly positive. Although, at times, I know you can feel anything but positive. I am hoping my get fit drive will be my distraction! I saw a word for it the other day- 'scanxiety' and it made me chuckle. I know so many of you will be able to relate to this.

I will keep you updated on how I get on.

I hope many more of you will start blogging your experience- I actually found it quite therapeutic and a good way of being able to say what I wanted to and needed to.

Take care





Hang in there Michaela!

As the response to your blog prove you are an inspiration to so many people, me included! Your positive energy and determination has got you this far and will keep you going I've no doubt.

Having the focus of getting fit with a clear end goal should help too - has always done the trick for me in the past when I've started feeling a bit frustrated and slightly agitated.

I suspect the frustration stems from the uncertainty about the AML and niggling anxiety that that brings with it. I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine and have nothing to worry about but it's perfectly normal that you do - I still have a very slight worry every time I go back and it's been 10 years since my transplant!