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A couple of days to go to the bike ride

Bill F
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18 Sep 2014

So, all the training has been done

Since my last blog a couple of things have happened: -

1. My mate Ian out cycling one day accidently rammed a car.  He will not now be able to ride in the Bikeathon, such a shame, but more importantly we all hope he gets well soon.  We have all learnt a valuable lesson in that when a car has a physical altercation with a bike, the bike will normally come off worst !

2. The rest of us have religiously followed our training plans to help us prepare for the big day this Sunday.  Actually we have not really had a plan, we have just tried to get out when we can and now and then thrown a big ride in.  This plan led us to sitting down and planning our longest ride as a one off preparation training ride.  Dave and myself took the plunge last week and completed a 85 mile ride.  It went well and we both felt well enough on completion to know that 100 miles should be okay. It was a big confidence boost.

So we arrive into the week before the ride when we are tapering.  This is the well known period when you are supposed to wind down and do little, to save yourself for the ride.  You also feel guilty about not doing as much as you have been doing and you worry you will lose all that physicality that you have built over the last few weeks.  It's an odd time.  But we will stick with it.

I am definitely excited by the thought of the ride on Sunday.  That's a good thing.

Finally, I will blog after the event.  As you know, next week I also have my 50th birthday, followed by a sprint Triathlon on the Sunday.  No celebrating then after the ride.  Well, not too much anyway!

I also want to wish everyone joining me the best of luck.