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Cranleigh and Leith Hill

Gareth H
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06 Jul 2014

Very nearly did a Radcliffe

Route: Surbiton to Cranleigh and back over Leith Hill
Distance: 55.03 miles
Time: 3:47
Avg Speed: 14.5 mph
Max Speed: 37.5 mph
Weather: Sunny
Notable Hills: Loads, it was lumpy almost all the way, big climbs over Ranmore Common and Leith Hill
Bike: Ribble
Ride Drinks: Water, coffee, energy drink
Stops: Cranleigh
Pre Ride Food: Toast
Post Ride Food: Fried Rice
“Recovery” Drink:  Strongbow Pear Cider (coz I earned it)

This was a tough ride, lots of hills I climbed Staple Lane better than last time and stopped to take a photo. Carreied on through undulating countryside to Cranleigh and rode it better than usual, I always try and sprint on this terrain and run out of puff if I misjudge a hill. I let the gears do the work and stopped for a well earned iced coffee in Cranleigh. After that I climbed Leith HIll it was a 12% gradient and I struggled, having to stop when it got flatter to catch my breath and then attack the next ramp up. Part of the problem is I’m a big lump who is bad at spinning, the other part is I foolishly chose a double chainset on my bike, having been a keen  mountain biker I was used to to sticking it in the granny and crawling up a cliff. I don’t have this option  on my Ribble so I suffer on a 39-23 ratio. I may look to change the cassette to a 29 at the back to help on the steep bits but as its a Campy set up converting it to a triple means a new mech and shifter along with a chainset and Italian style don’t come cheap. Once at the top I saw a rudely named wood (photo is attched) and headed for home. My legs were feeling great thanks to the energy drink coming through Leatherhead. Then I had some real bad stomach cramps maybe it was something I ate maybe it was the energy drink but they were bad and I was very close to stopping at the roadside and “doing a Radcliffe”, thankfully I was only a mile from home so I made it back. Next ride is up to London to see the tour....



Leith Hill is a killer Gareth and lots of the cyclists struggled during the 100 miler last year so you're in good company there! I've not dared take it on yet myself - looks far too much like hard work. Keep up the good work though, the updates are motivating me to keep going.

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