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Cruel and unusual punishment

Kola A
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04 Aug 2014

Nobody said 52 miles would be easy

27 July @ 06:42

I'm new to road riding. I used to ride a bike when I was a kid (gosh - that makes me sound ancient). Then I had a little sting ot riding back in 2012 - just to the station and back really. So about 5 miles a day - and then the bike got acquired by some well meaning citizen who was able to remove the bike and chain whilst I was earning an honest living. C'est la vie.

So I did a couple of rides in May and June - no more than 20 miles. But I made the mistake of telling a friend who lives in the "country" that I wanted to go riding with him. Instead of him taking me on an easy trip we went on a 43 mile hike which incorporated some hills. I encountered "Old Whitey", otherwise known as White Hill and almost stopped riding. I made it to the top and then realised I was in for a few more hills before the ride was done. My saving grace - there was a lovely view at the top of the first hill. My observations for the first long ride - Cruel and unusual punishment.

43 miles and over three hours later, I was happy to chow down on some food and put my feet up.

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