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Cycle to Beat Blood Cancers

Hippo P
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05 Feb 2014

Cumbrae Cycle on 25 May 2014

Hi everyone. Up until last year I had never met anyone suffering from Leukaemia or any of the other debilitating blood cancers, and then I found out about two people I know, one an adult and one a young child.

I knew that Renfrew Rotary Club had nominated Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research as one of its charities for the year and I wanted to help.

That, and after Christmas and New Year, I could do with a motivator for getting myself back to a svelte 175 stones.

Anyway, President David, Robert, Sam, Derek and Jim agreed to help, but wanted to do something that was safe, a challenge and was open to all ages. We came up with the idea of a cycle round Cumbrae, it is flat, relatively traffic free, has more than enough to make it a fun day out and it does not matter if you are 3 / 93 / or even me, unless you cycle Over The Top.

If you cannot cycle, we need help with stewards, registrations, advertising before the event, even if you know of a group/organisation/business who might wish to be associated with us, we would be happy to hear from you or them. Lots of little things can make as big a difference as a grand gesture.

Visit either site below for full details of the day, and I hope you sign up to join me or contact Jim at - renfrewrotary60@virginmedia.com with any other offers of help.

http://leukaemialymphomaresearch.org.uk/event/cycling/isle-cumbrae-circu... http://www.renfrew-rotary.org.uk/index.html

I have my training lips from the LLR website, so I will be ready, see you there.


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