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Cycle Two of my Treatment

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29 May 2013

I've been enjoying several days at home after the end of Cycle 2 of my treatment. I'm due back into hospital in a few days time to begin Cycle 3 chemotherapy.

Whilst the care I have been receiving is excellent, it is so good to get back home.

I attended the Heaemolotolgy Unit as a day patient this week, to have a bone marrow biopsy and bloods taken, and the Consultant is very pleased with my blood results.

I should hear soon whether the clinical trials have randomised me to the standard 4, or 3 cycles of treatment.

In this weeks blog I'd like to focus on the aspect of getting home. Everyone in hospital looks forward to getting home.  During complex and lengthy periods of treatment that are administered in e.g. Haemotology Units, the nursing and medical staff appear to have a deep rooted understanding of the physical and psychological benefits of allowing patients home, whether that be for a day or a week.

In my own circumstances,  apart from obviously enjoying spending more time with family ad close friends, I enjoy getting some fresh air and walking the dogs when I feel we'll enough.

Without being critical of hospital food, I find that my appetite is better when I am home as I can be more flexible about what and when I eat, which all contribute in a positive way in preparing me for my next course of treatment.

Sometimes it's not easy to leave the comfort of your home to head back into hospital, but on a personal level, I have found it easier when you receive such a warm welcome back from the nursing staff.

It's good to know that I have the trust of the medical and nursing staff to be sensible about my own care, and limitations when I'm home, as after all this is a team effort.