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Danke, gracias and thank you!

Kathrin K
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29 Sep 2014

Our fundraising campaign is coming to an end. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge, final thank you to all of you! Thanks to your generous donations, we managed to collect much more than we had dared to hope in our wildest dreams. This is absolutely and utterly AMAZING!!!! 

We set out to complete three cycling challenges. It took some training and perseverance, but in the end we made it. Here is how:

km cycled since April: 2213
hills abandoned: several (K), none (B)
power bars consumed: countless
bugs swallowed: more than a few
stops at beer gardens: not that many
falls: 1 each
falls due to unclicked shoes: 1 each
punctures: none (K), 4 (B)
top speed: 56km/h (K), 70km/h (B)
bikes kept in bedroom: 1
bikes kept in bike shed: 1
km cycled since last challenge: 90
level of encouragement received: overwhelming

Thank you for following so patiently and lovingly our efforts and for giving away your money so generously. You have made an enormous difference to the lives of people suffering from blood cancer. 

THANK YOU, also on behalf of my Dad,
Kathrin and Bernardo

PS: Please don't skip those health check-ups... they do save lives.