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Darts Marathon to help beat blood cancer

Catriona Taylor
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13 May 2013

A team of supporters held a Darts Marathon to help beat blood cancer, and below they share their story:

"We decided to raise money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research after hearing of the sad news about Trish Hanley being diagnosed with leukaemia, of which she sadly lost her battle on the 28th July 2012.

We all wondered what we could do. Being a darts fan the idea of 12-hour Darts Marathon came to me, but with a twist - the loser had to face a dreaded leg wax.

The evening was also to comprise of an auction of signed items such as CDs, darts, and DVDs. For these items I hit Twitter, asking kind darts players and celebrities to donate what they could spare. Everyone asked was more than generous. Although they wanted to remain anonymous, they will know who they are and the items spoke for themselves.

The night was a great success, and after a long, long 12 hours of darts, Steven Grayson managed to come out on top, winning a nice medal.

As the hours ended Nigel Bennett and Danny Devos were level so had throw off for last place and the leg wax. Neither had the energy to hit the winning double and as such a draw was called. So both were to face the wax. Danny took the leg waxing with ease...ish. While an old war injury meant Nigel couldn't have his legs waxed, this meant his back was the victim -  I'm led to believe this was little painful.

After the sales were complete and Nigel and Danny had licked their wounds, an unknown man stepped up. He said he was willing to have his chest waxed for the charity as long as we raised another £50, a challenge that was quickly met.

After sponsors had been collected, plus money from sale items were added together, the total added up to £780. We all hope this can make a difference, and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part by donating, playing, or sending signed items. In the memory of Trish Hanley R.I.P you are forever missed by so many,

Ian Grayson, Steven Grayson, Scott Craig, Nigel Bennett, Paul Grayson, Danny Devos."