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Day -1

Moss J
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17 Aug 2015

Exhausted doesn't begin to cover it this am. Didn't finish all yesterday's drips until approx 2am. Today is all about the anti rejection drugs ready for tomorrow (eeeeeek, tomorrow, that's scary/exciting!) I have to have 4 small bags of a drug called ciclosporin which will run all day and a last big bag of fluids which is the end of the chemo regime, flushing everything out I guess. So another day attached to drips but at least it's an excuse to watch Lorraine, This Morning and perhaps a movie this avo in between naps.

Gary taking Izzy to start some counselling at Primrose Hospice this avo. I'm really hoping they can give her a little help to talk through all her feelings, poor thing has been through so much for someone so little. It's easy to forget that she was only 3 when I was taken into Worcs and her Mummy disappeared over night for 12 weeks. She's got such a grown up head on her shoulders but after 4 months it's time she had a bit of support from people who know what they are doing. Hopefully soon we can all start putting this behind us!



Hi Josie,

That's a long day, no wonder you were exhausted!

The accumulation affect will take it's toll a bit too but it sounds like you're still in good spirits despite everything you're going through. Day time TV drove me mad and I asked for loads of films but found I kept dozing off. My recommendation would be to get a series of something with short episodes where it doesn't matter if you doze off. Friends or Big Bang Theory or something of that nature!

I think the counselling is a good idea for Izzy although it seems like she's coping remarkably well. Make sure that Gary doesn't forget himself in all this either - it's hard being strong for everyone else. Now isn't the time to worry as you need to concentrate on getting yourself better at the moment but when the transplant is over it's definitely worth him considering seeking some support if he feels he needs it. My Dad struggled a bit after I came out to get his head around everything that had happened and the counselling helped him with that.

Keep us updated and fingers crossed everything goes well. 


Wow Josephine, what a ride you are on, I send you so much love and bestest of wishes to beat this into full remission 

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