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Day 1 of Fundraising!

Tom M
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22 Jul 2014

Opened the fundraising page today - thank you to all of the early donators - always amazes me how generous you all are.

Gradually building up my weekly cycling distances, currently at pain level 'bearable' swiftly heading towards 'excruciating' as i move towards the 30 mile mark...





Hi Tom,

Well done for opening the fundraising page and great to hear that you're getting donations in already! Did you know that if you raise just £100 you can say that you've paid for the nurses need for two blood cancer patients to take part in one of our life-saving clinicial trials? If you raise the £100 you'll also receive a free Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research cycling jersey to say thank you, so keep up the good work!

Good luck with the training - I'm going for a 30 mile ride at the weekend and like you am a little apprehensive as I know that it's going to hurt! It'll be worth it though and when the going gets tough remember that it is all for a really great cause - if it wasn't for people like you I, for one, wouldn't still be here today!

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