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Moss J
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31 Aug 2015

Ah bank holiday weekends in hospital, gotta love them!

Yesterday we found out that my counts had shot up from 0.3 to 1.5 so I'm no longer neutropenic (happy visitors-no sweaty aprons) had the longest day of IV infusions I thought possible. Blood, fluids, platelets plus the normal meds so I ended up being hooked up from 6am yesterday and still am now. Have told nurses I need a break for a decent shower etc today so fingers crossed.

Docs just done rounds. Neutrophils 4.9 today. Going to convert all my IV meds today and then monitor overnight to check that no signs of GvHD appear. All being well they will remove Hickman, discharge tomorrow and I'll come into clinic Wednesday to be checked over then the standard weekly appointments. Trying not to get hopes up but oh my goodness I'm ready to go now!  Xxx




This is absolutely incredible news and really has made my day! I am so, so happy for you and hope that everything continues in the right direction. If all continues to go to plan you'll be back home with your incredible family again very, very soon.

Keep us updated :)

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