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Day +2

Moss J
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20 Aug 2015

First really tough day today due to the incredibly painful Mucositis starting. I though post chemo mouth was bad but it has nothing on this! Trying to keep drinking and the doctors have lots of mouth washes/sprays etc this am.

I'm starting a small dose of a chemo drug called methotrexate today, it's to help prevent graft vs host disease so a good thing but apparently makes the mouth even worse!

Decision of the day, accept that the next week is going to be pretty horrendous, take whatever pain killers I can (doc mentioned morphine, hooray!) and just deal with it as a yucky part of this bit of recovery. And that's what it is, it's still recovery so we will manage it how we have everything else (just with a lot less talking!)

Blood Counts are now flat but I like that as it now means we have something to start watching for next week/the week after.




Been thinking about you a lot this week. Mucositis is hell and I used to feel as ifmy whole head was about to explode every time I started to sip water. I was already on morphine, but I would hammer on my cell door


Hi Josie,

Sorry to hear that the mucositis has kicked in - I remember it only too well and would not recommend dry toast under any circumstances!

Your approach is spot on. You have to get your head round the fact that they have to essentially make you sicker to get better and see it as a necessary evil as part of the recovery process.

That doesn't make the pain any easier at the time and pain relief is the only way to do this. Take the morphine if and when you're offered it but try and avoid putting it up too high as it'll take a while to come off it at the end of the process and lengthen your stay in the hospital when all you want to do is get home.

Mouth wash/spray is good too while dental hygiene is also really important. Brush regularly using soft brushes/swabs.

Hang in there and remember we're all with you. 

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