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18 Sep 2015

Day 2

I woke up and felt strong. No aching parts at all. I still went for a leg massage just in case. I had an amazing ride today and talked to so many fellow riders about why they were doing the ride. One guy does a lot of charity work and this charity was just one of many. Wonderful story how he builds schools in SA and gives so much of his time to do so.

Another more sad story was a guy who lost his young daughter a couple of years ago to blood cancer. He has 2 friends riding with him for support. Another guy told me about a rare leukemia he has where he goes in every 5 years for treatment. He feels well and was pushing hard up the hills with me today. Another guy fell on his face last week and broke his jaw and smashed his face a bit. He's all fine and rides with us.

Rain after lunch, and a lot, and for a long time. Some challenging hills both up and down with wet breaks!! I climbed the hills really well and I am proud of that. It was the longest ride ever for me today: 137 km and almost 1300 m climbing.

Now time for a late dinner at a nice hotel in Cap Hornu. Early start tomorrow and a promising sunny day.

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