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day -3

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15 Aug 2015

2am- knock knock knock. Cue heart attack. "Hi Josie it's the on call doctor I've just been asked to come and check your ears after the radiotherapy as you said you had a bit of ear ache." Seriously? At 2am? I have a bit of water in my ears, paracetamol tomorrow. Could have waited till the morning to be told that if I'm being honest.

5am- knock, knock, knock "morning" err is it? "We just come to start your fluids before the new chemo today." Biggest bag of saline ever gets hooked up for the next 6 hours as the new chemo is strong so you need plenty of fluids to lower the effects of it.

Managed a cpl more hrs sleep until breakfast until felt vaguely human. Seriously missing the toast though.

So today is Gary and I's 6 year wedding anniversary. What a day it was, sunny, full of friends and joy. 6 years later and we have 2 incredible children and have grown in strength and love. Sure, the past 6 months have thrown us a fairly large challenge but we will get through it like we do everything, with each other.

  So today has been a day of more drugs than I can begin to name. I've had the fluids (6hrs) for the new chemo, campath chemo, 2 doses anti viral, now being hooked up to some drug or another to help prevent bleeding in the stomach and gut before the cyclophosphamide chemo (nice side effect they didn't mention.) great excuse to sit and watch telly all say but forgot how naff weekend TV is, going to drag as much in here as it did in Worcester I think. Bonus though, got yummy lunch with awesome chocolate fudge cake for lunch, might as well make the most of it before the appetite goes. Girls and Gary here soon, hooray.

4pm- Nice visit from Gary, the lovely MIL and the girls (well apart from izzy who was disgruntled at the lack of food in mummy's room, so nice to know I'm her first priority!) Jess trying desperately to walk around the room so she's off to get her feet measured with Nanny on Monday, still think they are too small for big girls shoes but we shall see.

I'm now having my first dose of cyclophosphamide,  massive 2 litre bag but only takes 2 hours to run through. Still find it weird that a tiny 50ml dose of something can take 6 hours but huge volumes go through so much quicker. Dinner a big disappointment tonight, ordered a burger but it was quite frankly revolting. Adding to my list of yummy post hospital food, home made burgers with cheese and bacon, in a bun and made with meat!

Post chemo fluids up, another 2 litre bag which has to run until midnight to make sure the system is well and truly flushed, I'm fairly sure there is still anti viral stuff to go up too, need more tubes in this Hickman line!

Anyway going to sign off early tonight as this evening will be about more bags of goodness knows what but it's been a good day and I'm feeling chipper tonight so as good a place as any to end for the day xxx




I'm so annoyed that I missed reading this until today! Belated happy returns on your wedding anniversary - you looked a beautiful bride!

You have my sympathy with the hospital food. I found it was a real lottery and later down the line found that many of the things I thought I wanted, I ended up not fancying at all. The key thing is to eat what you can to keep your strength up but don't be afraid to ask if you can have things brought in from the outside world. Be careful though and check with your nurses what you're allowed as the last thing you want to do is pick up an infection.

I'm glad that you seem like your spirits are still up despite the constant interruptions to your sleep. My advice on that was sleep whenever you can and conserve your energy for the visits of friends and family.

Hang in there. Rooting for you every step of the way.

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