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day -4

Moss J
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15 Aug 2015

Last radio day. Can't wait to tick these little blighters off (yes, those of you who know me well will appreciate the colour coded regime!)  new nurse this am, came in talking about starting the cyclosphosphamide and saying how she didnt know how they were going to squeeze it in before tonight's radio. Should I worry that I had to get my book out as show her that it doesnt start till tomorrow?

First proper lazy day today, ok second but have to confess to having a pyjama day today. Now this is mainly because I was late back from radiotherapy and they were ready and waiting to hook up the chemo so I didn't have time to get dressed but it's a good excuse. Might I add I did still wash, can do that by wheeling trolley thing into bathroom. However twice today I've leapt (ok not quite leapt) out of bed to go to bathroom forgetting I've been hooked up, ripping Hickman line out of chest now would really not be a great plan.

Passed day the usual ways, colouring, reading and doing the meal plan and Tesco shop for Gary and the girls. Can't wait to see them tomorrow, it will be our 6 year wedding anniversary so we are having cake (no wine allowed sadly) and a little hospital celebration!




There's no harm in a pyjama day - I had plenty of those and I think you've done well to get so far before having one.

Reading your blog brings back so many memories - do the machines still beep at you when you go the toilet and take the plug out fo the wall? That used to drive me mad! Remembering you're all hooked up does take a while to get used to but you do get used to it and you have to always remember that it won't be forever. 

Colouring is a great idea - I'll have to add that as a thing that I recommend to patients. I think that you've got other things and other people to worry about in many ways can be a good thing as it'll help you take your mind off your own treatment.

Thanks for the update and good luck on the road ahead. You're doing really well so far!

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