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day -5

Moss J
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13 Aug 2015
  • I think, is it day -5? 12pm, Just woken up from nap, ok perhaps not a nap as they last about 20 mins, this lasted a few hours. I think it's safe to say the radiotherapy tiredness has hit. More of the same this am, I normally like routine but think the rest of this week is going to drag a bit. Radio was fine then back up to the ward for the 6 hr dose of Campatn chemotherapy.

    I've been after a set of those salter kitchen scales for ages, you know just the small, round flat ones you can stick any old bowl on, set to 0 and weigh on as mine are massive old scales. However today I've had to start my fluid intake chart (future patients this is a likely challenge for you) writing down the water/tea intake is fine but you have to wee in a bed pan (feel like bed pan Beryl from Worcs for those who were in on that story) and WEIGH you wee, yes, on a pair of those lovely salter scales I wanted. Put off a bit now to be honest.

    Had a lovely surprise on Facebook when one of the parents has set up a post for the children to write messages, far too personal to share but safe to say I sob at each one left. There are no words to describe how much I love my job, breaks my heart not being there but each word left by them gives me more strength to get better so thank you my lovely lovely kids and parents.

    3pm, feel a bit sick but also want to eat a mars bar. Ah the trials tribulations of    Nausea, do I, don't I?

    3.30pm had a nibble, was good but being sensible and waiting till after the long wheelchair run to radiotherapy to finish off.

    5 pm back from radio dose 6 ready for tea (and the rest of that mars bar)



Josie I really admire how you're able to keep these blogs up despite the tiredness. Radiotherapy really does wipe you out and I remember falling asleep during the FA Cup Final while I was in hospital which never happens usually!

Hang in there and remember that we're all right behind you through all of this.

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