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Day +5

Moss J
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23 Aug 2015

had quite a long night of machine attachery last night, at one point te nurses and I joked that my stand looked like a Christmas tree. 1 massive (6hr) bag of fluids, platelets, ciclosporin and aciclovir.

Fortunately I have no problem whatsoever sleeping while my Hickman line is attached. I'm sure I consciously keep a lot stiller lol but it doesn't stop me sleeping.

Had a colouring morning this am (decided I'd watched too much TV yesterday!) but found it quite draining energy wise.

Doctor has predicted I'll have a temp tomorrow (nothing like PMA!) not quite sure why they think this (perhaps I've been too lucky so far!) but we shall see if their prediction is correct.

Mum popping for a visit this afternoon so hopefully can manage some degree of chatting.

Bonus news lovely hubby bought me some cancer kicking boots, needed some for winter anyway and saw some fab UGGS (lace up, leather ones though) on huge sale so would have been rude not too surely?!





Admire how you are still managing to keep us updated. How is the mucositis? I love your hubby for getting you those well-deserved cancer kicking boots. You keep kicking, and hope the temperature behaves (mine went up so quickly that one minute I was telling them not to be stupid, the next the room was filled with docs!) Keep taking the drugs


Glad to hear that you've not had any trouble sleeping despite all the prodding and probing and endless monitoring. 

This is without question the worst phase and when you get out the other side things will begin to improve slowly bu surely.

Hope you had a good time with your mum and fingers crossed that the temperature isn't anything too serious.

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