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Day +57 disappointment

Moss J
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14 Oct 2015

Nervous times ahead as I return to hospital to check whether I've picked up GVHD post transplant.

Well I made it this far with no complications do I guess I should have known something would go wrong. Been feeling much sicker the past week and had a tummy upset yesterday. Mentioned this to the consultant at my check up this am and was told I've have to be admitted as an inpatient to be tested for gvhd. Absolutely gutted. I know it's really common but to get so far feeling so well and have to come back in just feels like such a huge step backwards. 

Hardest thing is we've been having real problems getting my youngest off to bed at the moment and hubby isn't well so it's the worst possible timing. I feel like breaking out of here! 

Well, we will see what tomorrow's chat to the doctor brings. Hopefully this will be a very short stay.



Was hoping to see an update on how you are. I will be thinking of you and pray all is well. x

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