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A day learning about new research projects and the 10 hallmarks of cancer

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13 Apr 2015

If anyone ever asks me what my perfect weekend would consist of then I'll refer them to the wonderful weekend that I've just had.

On Saturday I was privileged to attend Impact Day. I met with some amazing people ; from researchers whose valuable work is making a difference to peoples lives, to blood cancer survivors and last but not least the wonderful staff from Eagle street whose hard work made this day the special day that it was.

I learnt an awful lot listening to Prof Chris Bunce talk about the 10 hallmarks of cancer from Angiogenesis to resistence to Apoptosis and 8 others in between. I also learnt how our wonderful researchers are looking into treatments on how to attack these 10 hallmarks of cancer.

The standout part of the event was listening to CML patient Paul Carless talk about his cancer journey and how he has kept all the blister packs from the chemo pills that he has to take everyday to remind himself of how fortunate he is to be alive. I was truly inspired by his determination to beat blood cancer and raise funds for valuable life saving research. Listening to his story had me in tears-I just could not help myself. 

This charity has invested over half a billion pounds in lifesaving research since 1960 and this has made a huge difference to blood cancer patients, with more lives being saved. We also learned the name of the charity has been changed to Bloodwise.

This was an amazing day and has left me even more determined to keep going with the fundraising and other roles I'm involved with.

I'm still buzzing from it.



So glad you enjoyed the day so much Rich.

Absolutely gutted I couldn't be there to hear Paul's speech although I knew he'd be fantastic! Thanks as always for everything you're doing to help us a the charity. Together we will beat blood cancer!


Pauls speech even had Cathy (and others) in tears too. It really bought home why we do what we do.

It's always a pleasure to help out with the charity Andy. We will beat blood cancer.