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Day One Training

Tim M
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16 Jul 2014

Objective to increase average speed..

So I wake up, roll out of bed, my feet touch the ground. I swipe my eyes and stretch... time check 5:10am..

Its light outside but foggy, the air when I open my toilet window to gauge the temperature is cool.

Early morning tiolet duties taken care of, On with my cycling gear and out. GPS set as I straggle my bike in the drive way, Can't see the end of my road.. The lovely GPS lady tells me to start, I kick in and I'm off... lovely start to the day.... 430cals later about 25min of riding I'm back, speed building session completed.. & and a bit miles, Now time to start my real day job, School Run, Work commute, and Boot camp tonight... Happy days.



With less than a month to go, I attempt my first king of the Hills session. I look at the map and try to find as many hill inclines as I know, and set off.

It's overcast and a little windy, I go back inside for my jacket and over shoes (This turns out to be a master stroke later..) GPS signal strong.. and we're rolling.

First hill climb, half way up and my heads hurting already and I'm blowing hard, here comes the fire, my thighs inform me that they need more oxygen, Now I'm breathing and working to a pattern, but now the hill is done... boy I lucked out on that one.. and on to the next... breathing and rhythm is key. so I've hit the big 3 and I'm on my way back.. then the big drops turn into the full monty.. Hurrican Birtha isn't quiet done with London and I seem to be in her way.. as I'm heading home. Two more climbs with heavy rain can't really see if its rain or sweat, glasses steamed up, but I'm still climbing. Now its down hill cruising and home.

Dripping wet standing in the door way. GPS lady says.... 'Active.. Paused'. I can't even reach into my jacket to stop the activity.. too wet.. But Smiling, another 15 miles in the leg bank...

Now lets watch the ride London on the TV...

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