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De De DER de de de-de DER....

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21 Apr 2014

it's the Final Countdown!

Well, it's Monday, we leave on Wednesday. It's all happening, all that fundraising, training, buying new bits for bikes (hi Pete!) is all about to pay off!

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, this blog post needs to say THANK YOU! Almost £850 raised for LLR via our page is an astonishing testament to the generosity of all of you! You're all brilliant. And fab. And brilliant. Did I mention fab?

This has been such an experience, even before we start it's been amazing to plan and train for an event. And so chuffed that 6 wonderful people have chosen to join me.

Pete Brookes, my best man for my wedding has really taken this idea and challenge on. Riding my old hybrid bike (a long story involving thievery and skulduggery), he's upgraded the whole thing and his training regime has put me to shame! Pete's normal job is Production Manager for events and he's organised this stag bash (involving lots of unreliable theatre types!) seamlessly

Rob Gray, my cycle buddy from Oxfordshire and bikeathons past, is an author and general wonderful chap. He and I enjoyed LLR's bikeathon (You should all sign up it's fab) for the last couple of years, and somehow fits training into a busy life that involves five children, two dogs, a lovely wife and successful writing career. Rob's book is here. You should buy it!

Ian Blake is actually an actuary. More accustomed to racing cars than riding bikes, he's nonetheless got a beautiful bicycle and trained hard - including Box Hill (the crazy fool)

Ben Dodds' training regime seems to have mostly been a honeymoon in America, his first training ride was in New Orleans. Quite jealous really. Mine was in Catford. A former Senor Lighting Technician (A slightly spanish take on the role) he's now all over the shop with bits and bobs!

Lewis Smith is the Disney Princess. I don't know who that makes his Prince Charming, but hey? Perhaps we'll find out! Normally found behind the wheel of some sort of hippy hybrid, this F1 afficiando is bringing his speed and disney trivia knowledge to our challenge ride! His training regime has even stretched to physical injury in a Yorkshire stream.

Jez Turnbull, the last of our merry band of mad men, used to work in the glorious countryside of Sussex, before swapping it for the greasy, polluted air of London. He's clearly crazy; which works fine for all of us - with 140 miles ahead followed by a weekend of debauchery and then the most convoluted return journey in the world, he's going to need a dose of insanity.

So that's us; we've never done something like this before, and chances are (especially if you ask us on Thursday night!) we'll tell you we'd never do the like again.

I've got to also thank some wonderful people here: my beautiful fiancee Nicci for putting up with all my cycling stuff taking over our flat, Pete's parents Jane & John for being our support team this side of the North Sea & Luke Swaffield for flying out on Friday with a bag of bits that we just can't carry. We owe you all many beers, flowers, hugs and whatever you require!

That's all for now, I'll try to write again tomorrow, but if I don't, the next post will be post-challenge!

If you've not donated, just go to the main page and do it! You too can join the list of the Great and the Good who've found it in their hearts and wallets to help this fabulous charity!


JW xx



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