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Decision Day

Adrian G
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11 Aug 2014

Today I decided to go ahead with the Leukaemia Ride at the end of the month.

As some of you will know around five weeks ago I came off the bike.  Its ok as I landed on my face and the bike was ok.

I am mostly recovered now but after a few x-rays and an MRI I was finally diagnosed with a fractured left thumb last Thursday.

The consultant suggested the ride might not be a great idea but didn't go so far as to tell me I shouldn't or must not go ahead with it.

After the first ride in three weeks (a massive 3.9 miles) I have decided I would go ahead withthe ride as its such a good cause.

As its three weeks away I will be going into it with pretty much no training and I expect my longest ride will be somewhere in the 5 miles range (not great for a 50+ mile ride).

Hopefully my hand will hold up to the less than smooth London roads.

Ultimately, the Velominati Rule #5 applies.....