Elusia McCallum
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Defeating AML the Betty way

Elusia McCallum
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29 Sep 2014

My journey in defeating AML in 2014

I was officially  diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia on 4th February 2014. After the standard treatment - 4 sessions of chemotherapy involving monthly stays in hospital I am now in remission and intend to stay that way.



Well done

This is fantastic news!



Thanks Michaela!

And youre a real inspiration. ive really enjoyed reading your blog. Im wishing Id started sooner but its taken time to come to terms with the diagnosis, go through treatment and come out of it. Its only now, having reached the light at the end of the tunnel I want to share my experiences.


Great to hear that you're in remission Elusia. Congratulations!

All the best with your recovery and stay in touch - we're here to help and you're not alone!