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Diary of a "Fake" Cancer Patient - Heroism takes many forms ....

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07 May 2014

Since my diagnosis in 2010, I have been lucky enough to meet some truly amazing people while working with a number of cancer charities - the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Association, the Lymphoma Association & Macmillan Cancer Support. I have met people whose courage in the face of cancer is both heart breaking & inspirational, others who have performed jaw-dropping challenges to raise funds or awareness (or both!) & complete strangers whose kindness & generosity is utterly humbling. You see, that’s the thing about cancer – it is a great leveller!

Cancer does not care who you are, what you do for a living is largely irrelevant & whether you are a good person does not come into it but something that I am increasingly aware of is this enormous sense of solidarity with other patients, relatives, friends & colleagues. The level of support that I have received since diagnosis has been simply astonishing & I, in turn, try to do everything that I can to help others who affected by cancer. Some describe it as a “ripple effect” although I like to think of it as basic human nature/nurture …..

My own personal heroes include those who carry out feats of endurance to raise money, to those who work tirelessly to raise awareness, to medical professionals who treat patients, to scientists who are trying to find a cure for cancer & to those who are simply trying to live their life in the shadow of cancer. Heroes really do come in many forms!



Couldn't agree more with the sentiments you raise in this blog, Kate.

Cancer is the greatest of levellers and has a funny way of drawing people together. When I was diagnosed in 2003 shortly after my mum's own diagnosis with terminal bowel cancer, I was amazed by how the community at large supported us. 

Truly amazing and humbling.


Another cracking blog Kate! 


Hi Kate, it's jane from the meeting tonight, I found you lol.. Will sit and read your blogs later xx

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