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Diary of a "Fake" Cancer Patient - Packing it all in ...

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11 Feb 2015

Well, it’s 11th February & as I’ve observed before, the length of time between my blogs definitely seems to be increasing, but I am conscious that I am overdue for an update so here goes: …In my last blog, I detailed the challenges that I set myself for January to ensure maximum sponsorship in the Dryathlon for Cancer Research, which included:

• No alcohol, chocolate, cheese or crisps all month
• No cakes, biscuits or sweets once I exceeded my initial target of £400.00
• No swearing or apologising once I exceeded my initial target of £400.00 - the former to be penalised by 10p in the swearbox & the latter by 5 star jumps!
• A SILENT day in work on Friday 30th January

Those who know me well know that the greatest challenge of all was the silent day but I’m over the moon to announce that my fellow dryathlete Helen & I smashed it that day. Once all the pledges are in we should hit £800.00 which is absolutely amazing! Also, during the month, & in a moment of madness, I signed up to do a zipwire challenge off Newport Transporter Bridge in July with a group of friends for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research which will be very scary as I’m absolutely petrified of heights ! I also signed up to do the Pretty Muddy Race for Life again two weeks later. Finally, I made a lovely new friend Zoe whilst collecting for LLR at a supermarket on a very cold 31st January. All in all then a pretty good month!

As February dawned, I had a week off work for once that wasn’t part of the school holidays.  Some people would say that it was only so that I could catch on my wine & cheese consumption & there is an element of truth in that, however the main reason for having some time off was so that I could enjoy a few days with my sister in Chamonix which was my Christmas present. If you think that the UK has been cold the last few weeks, you should really try a few days in the Alps because it was absolutely FREEZING as I got off the plane at Geneva airport (-6.5 to be precise). Having said that, one of the personal “features” for me of having lymphoma seems to be that I am always too hot so this was actually rather nice by comparison. The scenery was spectacular, the food & wine flowed & we spent one day at a spa in Courmayer, followed by a day on the “slopes” where I had a 2 hour ski lesson which was intensive but really good & I’m really thrilled that I did it!

Since my diagnosis, & I have blogged before about fatigue, I am aware that my energy levels are constantly low. I was kicking myself that I didn’t do any more skiing after my lesson but, I did find that I was so exhausted afterwards that it was all that I could do just to sit in the mountain top restaurant whilst my lovely sister went off skiing for the afternoon. On the following day after an absolute blast, I came home & have gone back to my normal cycle of early to bed, get up, get Dan to school, go to work, collect Dan, come home, make tea, sort out Dan & pets, watch TV with Dan & go to bed generally by half 8 at the latest…

I had my 4-monthly clinic check last Friday & all bloods & lumps were fine although I need to see my GP about feeling sick all the time & some stomach problems. I am however hoping that it’s simply a case of having had a couple of bad viral colds during December & January although as any fellow patient will understand that it never IS just a cold. Somebody said to me recently that one of my problems is that I never stop but I simply don’t know any other way to be – anything else feels like giving up & I’m absolutely not doing that. And so the merry go-round keeps whirling & periodically I take a pitstop but generally I’m exactly as busy as I like to be!



Hi Kate,

Thanks so much for the update! Well done on completing your dryathlon and for doubling your original fundraising target! You've inspired me to do something similar for Lent.

Really glad you had a good time in Chamonix - I've been there and absolutely loved it. Did you do the Vale Blanche?

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling so well at the moment. I've actually been suffering from a stomach bug recently, too, and can't remember the last time I didn't have a slight cold. I guess that's one of the pitfalls of having a weak immune system although burning the candle at both ends doesn't really help my cause either!

Keep the fighting the good fight though and doubtless hear from you again soon.