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A different kind of head-shave...

Dannii Hutchins
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14 Apr 2015

Sponsored head shaves are as popular as ever here at LLR and a fantastic way to raise money for blood cancer research whilst making a pretty striking statement.

To name all of the amazing people who take part in this wonderful form of tribute would make for a very long blog, however we would love to mention one person in particular. The individual in question is taking this form of fundraising to a unique level.

Phil Sturgess from Essex, set off for Germany last week with a full head of hair and a beard to match. However over the weekend he returned to Dover docks sporting a different fashion entirely - half a beard and half a head of hair - and is looking forward to showing it off to the crowds of Colchester.

However as comical as this all seems, Phil’s reasons for taking part in this fundraiser are all too sombre and heart breaking. In 2012 Phil’s family lost their mother to cancer. Tragically cancer struck the family again last year when Phil’s nephew, Liam developed an ear ache whilst in Germany, leading to a diagnosis of leukaemia. He sadly passed away 10 days later at the age of 20.

Phil, who shared a love of motorcycles with his nephew, wanted to do something to raise money for blood cancer research. This meant that he grew out his hair and beard, headed to mainland Europe on his motorbike, and drove on to have half of it  shaved off by those close to Liam, including Liam’s girlfriend. He’s returned to the UK to display his unique hairstyle for a couple of weeks and is due to have the remainder shaved off by his niece later on in the month.

The family are determined to go on with smiles and great memories of an inspirational young man, all of which has helped Phil exceed his fundraising target. At time of writing his fundraising total is up to £690.

To follow the story and sponsor Phil, you can visit his fundraising page at www.justgiving.com/Philip-Sturgess or follow Phil on Facebook to watch the video.


Phil has now completed his Head Shave challenge - it's all off now! To date, Phil has now raised over £1,300. Thank you to Phil for coming up with such a unique challenge and thank you to all his family and friends for sponsoring him. All the money raised will go a long way in helping us beat blood cancer.


Thank you.



Phil has always been the best naughty uncle any nephew could have, he has been such a massive support to us and he is not afraid to look completely nuts. Well done brother..


What an incredible tribute - what a hero! I love fundraising stories like this and it never ceases to amaze me the lengths that people go to to help raise funds for the charity. Awe inspiring stuff that makes me proud to work here...


Congratulations Phil for completeing the head shave challenge! Thank you for choosing to support us and a massive thank you to all your family and friends who have sponsored you too!