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27 Jul 2014

Update on Jay's training for the 2014 Brum Bikeathon

Hello. Jay here. Back again. I crept in when you weren't looking. Well actually you were in the bathroom and as I had a key to the front door I kinda let myself in. And ate your food. Drank your juice. Petted your cats too......

So..... creepy asides behind us (you can cancel the emergency call, it's not a real gun) this here is Blog 2, the Regurgitation. Well, actually no. It's not that I don't want to regurgitate the first Blog for your viewing pleasuration, it's just that, I'm tired, ya know? And actual regurgitation of Bloggimunitions is really quite wearing, both on the brain and the sinuses too. I've been soooo tired because of the cycle training (MORE tomorrow) combined with work and the long waft of warm humid weather we've been subjected too!  PAH!  I'm just gonna make Blog 2 up as I go along, so please forgive any lapses of logic, reason or urinary displacement (I'm keeping soooo very hydrated these days). 

Thing is though, I'm loving it! This whole enterprise has filled me with a sharp sense of purpose - I am doing something really GOOD. Not just work or the ordinary and everyday neccessities. This is extraordinary, well for me it is. It is loving and kind and fills me full of joy. The money that YOU are helping me to raise by doing a simple bike ride (I may regret the use of 'simple') is wonderful. Today we crashed through three figures - yes it's modest - but ultimately it all adds up and goes toward curing this pernitious and dreadful disease. 

Since Blog 1 I've been mainly racking up the kilometres on the exercise bike - tomorrow I have some free-time so I'll be out on my ride - probably up and down the canal paths out in sunny Brumington. My friend Joana told me that the Spaghetti Junction is quite fun to ride under so I may go and have a reccy down there, pacing myself and enjoy the air on my face rather than the necessary, plodding mundanity of the exercise bike.

I enclose a pic of my ride - and she's a good one!  I call her Ozy, as in Ozymandius the poem. No reason, just popped into my head as we were gliding down a hill. Going up hills it's easier to chant 'Come on Ozy, let's do this!' than effin "Charge Gatecrasher"!  Anyhoo, I'm more of a foot in mouth lummox than an exterior doorway destroyer. 'Conversation Killer', yeah that would have much more appropriate, or 'The Awkward Silence' (which is, coincidentally, the name of a really bad Dr. Who villain, so evil it sucks the life out of parties).

Going off topic Jay. Sorry, I do wander. It'll be an amazement to me if I complete this Bikeathon, as I do like to detour. I have a genetic predisposition for meanderings and serendipitious turns away from the original topic, which may have been really important but not very interesting. One of our foster cats, Bob, has just dropped an enormous poo - leading me to literal air retching (windows were closed, warm air, omg no escape from the stench! my eyes!)


However this subject - this Bikeathon - is something I've become - to my own pleasure and surprise - very passionate about. I want to complete it, because of all the wonderful support I've received from my friends and family. I want to make a difference, however modest, to save lives and make people happy. The wonderous Dalai Lama once said that happiness is not ready made but something that comes from one's own actions. If what I am doing can bring a little happiness into other peoples' lives, then I have succeeded, and then some!

Be well, one and all

Jay x 



Great update Jay!

Sounds like you're really getting in to both the training and the fundraising for the Bikeathon which is fantastic and it's great to hear that you're enjoying it! I went out for my first ride on an actual bike at the weekend to prepare for the 52 miler in London and absolutley loved it!

I've actually run along the canal underneat spaghetti junction and would definitely recommend it. We released the routes last week as well so you might want to try riding along some of that to familiarise yourself ahead of the Bikeathon. Here's a blog with more info:


Hope your ride went well - looking forward to the next update!

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