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Donations, debates and punctures.

Daren W
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03 Mar 2014

It's been a busy week for the team on and off the road.

With James Burns sidelined through the injuries sustained on 'that' windy day, the team met last Sunday 'sans velos' to make some plans for rides and events this year. After running through lots of potentials, everyone came away with an idea of exactly who was going to ride what and our key aim for the year, to centre our fundraising efforts on the eagerly awaited London Bikeathon 100.

With Benchmark Trevor taking on the Wiggle Ups & Downs in preparation for his London 2 Paris return most of the others will be riding in the PedalfortheJ's 50 miles in Chelmsford on 27th April. But before that Dave Hatch is taking on his first skyride on Sunday 9th March. In preparation, Mr Hatch has been threatening to let loose the lycra and this has sparked a bidding frenzy via our text code LLSX99 with people doanting and commenting LYCRA or NO LYCRA. Our JustGiving now sits at £200 thanks to this fashion vote off and LYCRA is out in front, much to the dismay of Mrs Hatch ;-)

Albeit a man down, the team has still managed over 318 miles this week with Trevor setting the gold standard but Keiran not far behind having completed 62 miles on Sunday.

This weekend saw Paul Bellehewe get out on his first ride which he thoroughly enjoyed. He rocked up with no spares, claiming he "didn't plan on getting a puncture' and indeed he did not. Luck was on his side but the body may be aching as no padded shorts were deemed necessary. However, not 30 seconds after saying goodbye his ride companion Lee was struck with that very fate and had to walk home!

Lee (tube replaced) and Daren also rode Witham to Southend to see their daughters play in a hockey tournament and were met by Trevor en route. There were some killer hills but nothing compared to trying to get Lee's new tyres off the rims of his Cannondale following 2 more punctures! Those bits of flint can be a challenge to find. Luckily, Daren had a spare tube and Trevor had his gadgets with him so we were soon back up and enjoying an early morning cruise.

With the weather turning for the worse today, we'll be keeping an eye out and getting in as many miles as we can. Keiran will be aiming to ride 500 miles in March and will donate his average speed in pounds to LLR, which 'sicknote' Burns has promised to match.

Thanks for reading and please check out our website www.llrteamessex.com


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