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13 Jun 2017

10 year remission anniversary

So today marks my 10 year remission anniversary from AML.

I wish I were a good writer so that this blog would inspire people, and make them laugh out loud but I am not so all I can offer is an honest and speaking from the heart kind of blog post with spelling mistakes and bad grammar along the way.

13th June 2007

Sick and Wigs

I had a lumbar puncture and chemo shot up my spine the day before, not that I wasn’t used to having needles stuck into my spine but I had a bad reaction to this one so spent all day being sick and feeling like absolute shit.  My sister-in-law came to visit and bought gifts, as she always did, but today she bought a little stick on fringe wig thing and a hat for me, I remember in between throwing up we were in hysterics trying to figure out how to wear it.

The Consultants came round to see me, and gave me some anti-sickness drugs and did all the other usual checks then dropped into conversation that my bone marrow biopsy results had come back and showed no Leukaemia present so I was in remission.

Surely it should have been more exciting than that, perhaps a little dance to go with it and some high 5’s but no, that was it, news delivered and move onto the next patient.

I didn’t feel like I was in remission, I still felt like crap and just wanted more than anything to stop being sick.  I think I eventually did, then in the meantime my Mum and Dad arrived for a visit and everyone was talking about how amazing the news was, I was out of it, in my own little world….

13th June 2017

Dog grooming, strawberries and tooting at men with their shirts off

Today of all days I felt the need to feel the wind in my hair as at least I now have some.  I have a VW Beetle Convertible (mid-life crisis purchase) and I live by the sea so my friend and I went for a cruise along the seafront with our 80’s music blaring and beeped at random people as they walked past, mainly the men with their shirts off….  whilst asking each other where all the fit ones were?

The dog was due a hair cut so he was dropped at the groomers for his spa day, I spend more money on his hair than I do my own. He returned smelling unlike a dog and looking like a cotton wool ball of fluff.

Parents arrived and we had strawberries and cream in the garden (how civilised)

You must be asking by now why is she telling us all this? Who cares but the point of all this I suppose is to show that life does go on after a horrible diagnosis. I am not going to say  that every day in the past 10 years has been as carefree as this one but the good and ordinary days definitely outweigh the bad ones.

I was one of the lucky ones, not strong, not brave, not amazing (well only sometimes) just lucky.

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Hi Sarah. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2007, and although (after several relapses) I finally kicked it's butt in 2009 i know what you mean about not feeling able to celebrate, after all I still felt so ill, and I might even have another relapse. 

Life is good now, despite long term problems caused by the illness and treatment. It is true that gradually you do have more good than bad days. Wishing you good health for many more years from another of the lucky ones ❤

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