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The Dreaded Shave raises over £ far

Claire Horrex
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02 Apr 2014

Luke Rushton shaves off his 7 year old dreadlocks to raise funds for lymphoma patient & friend Kate WIlliams..well he couldn't let her be the only one without any hair!

In mid-2012 Kate Williams was suffering from some back pain which her doctors seemed unable to diagnose.  Gradually it was getting worse and by January 2013 a mass was discovered on her spine which was eventually diagnosed as Lymphoma on 1st of March 2013.  

Chemotheraphy was scheduled for the end of March but with some worrying symptoms Kate had a further MRI scan which showed that the vertebrae had been destroyed and she was only days from being paralysed.  Thankfully an emergency operation later, two 8 inch rods and 8 screws fused her vertabrae together.  Of course this had a knock on effect for the chemo which eventually started Mid-April.  Kate has now been through 6 courses of chemo and radiotheraphy but has never let it get her down.  By far the worse part was losing her hair!  

Which is where Luke comes in.  

Luke had always wanted dreadlocks. And 7 years ago, Kate and another friend helped him create this style. After 8 hours of painful back-combing, he eventually had them and for the next 6 months he carefully tended to them on a daily basis to make sure they knotted (and yes, they got washed twice a week).   After all that work though, Luke decided that he couldn't let Kate be the only one without hair and so came up with the idea of The Deaded Shave!

With support from friends and family, Luke took the plunge (and even let Kate shave his head!) and so far they've raised a phenomenal £4,199.19.  

The even better news is that now Kate has had her first post-treatment all clear and feeling incredibly positive about the future.

Thank you to both Luke & Kate and all of their supporters for raising such a fantastic amount.


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