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Dymock.. I am ready for you!

Team Fleet
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16 May 2015

I am still on track!

Luckily i managed to find a half marathon that i could run during May. I was having difficulties but having found a good website with literally every run know to man in England i stumbled across this half in a small place called Dymock. Do not know much about the place however it sounds like it will be full of hills and valleys. I'm pretty sure my character is going to be fully tested for this one.

The marathon i intend to run in October this year will be the one in Leeds. Long way to go untill then but i'm sure i'll be ready for whatever it throws at me at that time :)

Generally training is going well, i'm putting the miles in with a smile on my face and determination as i feel like this is very important to me. I do it constantly thinking of the big man hoping he looks down on me with pride.

Please please donate to my giving page at

It will mean the world to me and it is yet another way of giving precious funding/aid to this awesome charity.

Wish me luck!!
John x